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The ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation Flight Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to award scholarships for flight training and to promote the value of general aviation. Since 2013, ECOPA as awarded over $100,000 in scholarship funds to young adults in the East-Central Ohio region. 


ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc.



1. Purpose

The purpose of the fund is twofold – to award scholarships for flight training to young adults who display the aptitude, talent, drive, and desire to learn to fly; and to promote the value of General Aviation in the great state of Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, with a primary focus on the East-Central Ohio Region.

2. Administration

The assets and investments, hereby referred to as the “Fund” shall be administered by ECOPA Education and Safety Foundation, Inc. and will be used solely for the purposes described in these guidelines.

3. Qualifications

Qualified applicants shall be an American citizen or landed immigrants, Ohio residents not less than sixteen (16) years of age as of March 1st, in the year of the application.

Applicants will be assessed on the following areas:

 A demonstrated interest in flying and general aviation;

 A proven self-starter with a willingness to achieve;

 Participation and demonstrated contributions to their community and school as well leadership attributes;

 Reasonable academic skills as demonstrated by their scholastic record;

 Ability to obtain a Student Pilot Certificate before the scholarship is awarded.

4. Selection

There will be a Selection Committee of not less than five (5) members of ECOPA, of which a minimum of two (2) shall be members of the ECOPA Board of Directors Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. One (1) of whom will be appointed as the Chair of the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee will have full and final authority in selecting the successful candidate(s) and to instruct the NEOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. treasurer to disburse funds in accordance with the guidelines as follows:

 The principal award each year, provided suitable candidates are presented, shall be the “ab-initio” award which, funds permitting, shall be of sufficient amount to pay the average cost of ten (10) hours of flight training within Ohio to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate as an ab-initio candidate.

 If funds allow, there shall be additional awards each year for lesser amounts as recommended by the Selection Committee, which shall not be limited to ab-initio applicants and may be used for training beyond a Private Pilot Certificate.

 Applicants may be considered eligible for the ab-initio scholarship award if they have met the age, citizenship, and other required qualifications of the ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. scholarship application. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final as to the qualification and eligibility for all awards.

5. Submittal

Applications must be electronically mailed on or before the date prescribed on the application. Notice for applications will be published on the ECOPA website or other selected publications, or by a circular sent to high schools, colleges, flight instructors, and flight schools.

6. Successful Candidates

Successful candidates will be notified on or about April 30th of each year. The successful candidates will need to obtain a Student Pilot Certificate before any scholarship monies are released. Successful candidates may select a flight training facility, flight club, and/or a flight instructor offering primary flight instruction, subject to the approval of ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. The designated facility, flight club, or instructor will invoice ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. periodically for successful candidate training as training progresses. The scholarship amount is the maximum that will be paid by ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. from the fund for the purposes of obtaining the permit, certificate, license, or endorsements for which it was awarded and may not be used for any other purposes other than those approved in Section 8 of these guidelines. Unused funds at the completion of training, if any, will be forfeited by the candidate and remain in the Fund for future scholarship awards. The ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. President may exercise judgement as to whether training can be deferred for a reasonable period and which courses are eligible for payment under these guidelines.

7. Reasonable Completion

Training should be completed within a reasonable period of time, usually one year from commencement. In the event the recipient does not make satisfactory progress, or does not conduct himself or herself in a manner consistent with the standards and objectives of the Fund, ECOPA Scholarship & Safety Foundation, Inc. shall have the right to revoke the award and to cease payment for additional training costs. If requested, progress reports from the training facility, flight club, or instructor, shall be provided.

8. Eligible Costs

Eligible costs of training will include the following for both ab-initio and advanced training:

 Costs of aircraft rental

 Cost of aviation fuel (if dry rate on aircraft)

 Cost of instructor time

In-eligible costs will, without limitation, include the following:

 Tuition costs at secondary or post-secondary schools, including colleges and universities.

 Ground school courses

 Training books & materials

 Personal meals or transportation to and from the training facility

 Clothing or other apparel

 Aviation equipment or supplies

9. Final Authority

ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation, Inc. shall have final authority to define and approve authorized costs or expenditures.

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