The ECOPA Education & Safety Foundation Flight Scholarship

The principle award each year, provided suitable candidates are presented, shall be the “ab-initio” award which, funds permitting shall be of sufficient amount to pay the average cost of ten (10) hours of flight training within the East Central Ohio Region to obtain a Private Pilot’s License as an ab-initio candidate. If funds allow, there shall be additional awards each year for lesser amounts as recommended by the Committee, which shall not be limited to ab-initio applicants and may be used for advanced flight training. Please download the Scholarship Application below:

ECOPA Scholarship Facts at a Glance

  • The purpose of the fund is twofold – to award scholarships for flight training to young adults who display the aptitude, talent, drive, and desire to learn to fly; and to promote the value of General Aviation in the great state of Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, with a primary focus on the East-Central Ohio Region.
  • From 2013 to 2017, ECOPA awarded (22) flights scholarships for a total of $36,000. During that time, 13 of the recipients have become private pilots and several of them have pursued additional ratings! 
  • Classes 2018-2019 were awarded $27,000. Five recipients have passed their FAA checkrides and are now licensed pilots! Other recipients are still working hard to achieve their private pilot license of their instrument rating! 


The East Central Ohio Pilots Association

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